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Street Art Dealer Launch Night

Street Art dealer beam project

C6 and Steal From Work have recently announced an interesting project which uses a technology called QR (Quick Response) to allow people to interact directly with art in the streets. The idea is to cut out the art market middleman by bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets. The QR code, which you scan using a mobile phone, can contain information about an artist, links to their work and also let you purchase their artwork.

Outside Street Art Dealer launch

The project was launched in Bristol on the 9 July using the formerly Stationary World shop in Boardmead as a venue. A special installation by Joseph Watts and Haywood Slucutt entitled ‘BEAM’ was the main focus inside (top most photograph).

qr codes on wall

Other artwork by Tomoko Takahashi, Zeus and Sebastian Lowley-Williams was scattered around Bristol and required that you scan the QR codes pictured above to discover their locations. At least that was the idea because the system wasn’t fully operational on the night, so instead the locations were communicated orally.

Zeus installation in Bear pitt

The closest piece from the venue was by Zeus and was located in the Bear Pitt. It consisted of four 3D graffiti style white letters as shown in the pictures.
I didn’t make it to the other locations on the night, but I did get a photograph of Tomoko Takahashi’s piece a few days later.

Zeus installation detail

The launch was a fun night and QR certainly is an interesting technology, but it remains to be seen how it can be used effectively as part of the Street Art Dealer project, I guess only time will tell. Since the launch I have spotted some QR codes on various billboards around Bristol, which when scanned send you to the Street Art Dealer website.

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