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"See No Evil", again

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Not so long ago it seemed unsure whether there would be another edition of See No Evil. Many, including myself, thought it was perhaps a one off event. To be enjoyed that one time, but never to be repeated. So the announcement of the 2012 edition was met with general enthusiasm, even despite an initial lack of details. Would it be held on Nelson Street again or another part of Bristol? Which artists would be invited?

Details are now known, so no need to speculate, at least for the most part. The whole event will run from Monday 13th August until Sunday 19th August and will be held on Nelson Street, like last year. Artist-wise some names have been announced, namely Remi Rough, Lyken, Nick Walker, Eine and M-City (Poland), but the full list isn’t yet known, however we are promised 30 of the world’s most prolific street artists. So there’s plenty to be excited about.

Nelson Street

Although the event is still weeks away one artist, Roa (Belgium), has actually already painted his piece. As it turns out Roa was already in town exhibiting some work in the group show Unnatural – Natural History at the RWA which opened on the 14th July. So I guess the most was made of his visit to Bristol. And happily so, as Roa’s outdoor pieces, which consist of anatomically faithful animals rendered mainly in black and white, are highly impressive.

Roa fox

roa fox

On the music front things will be orchestrated by Team Love under the branding “Hear No Evil”. Various music events will take place during the week including a free New York style Block Party on Saturday 18th August on Nelson Street. Live outdoor stages will feature the best of Bristol’s music culture, while buskers will be chosen to take up a number of pitches throughout the festival site.

Not everything will be happening on Nelson Street, the one exception being, Mail, Maps and Motion, a free ticketed visual spectacle at the Passenger Shed in Temple Meads on the 17th August which is curated by Watershed. It will feature Joanie Lemercier of world-renowned projection experts AntiVJ and Adrian Utley of Portishead who have been commissioned to collaborate on an immersive performance. There will also be a film program, supporting special guests and a host of performers including Will Gregory of Goldfrapp.

Bristol has some real traction these days in the street art department, and it seems that many top artists don’t need to have their arms twisted too much to want to come here. Just look at the growth of Upfest for example. The question is. Does it get any better for street art in Bristol? Hopefully yes, but there are doubters. One thing I’m sure of is that this year’s “See No Evil” will be a cracker. Thank you The Olympics!

More info: / @seenoevil2012 / Facebook

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