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Bristol Street Art blog | Recent Banksy Graffiti pieces


Recent Banksy Graffiti pieces

Banksy Ieak Ikea graffiti

Although you can still find some of Banksy’s old pieces in Bristol today, it certainly isn’t the place to go to see new work by the graffiti artist extraordinaire, especially now that the ‘Bansky versus Bristol Museum’ exhibition has finished. No, it seems that Banksy has discovered new pastures in which to display his charactistic stencils, pastures called London, New York and even Mali believe it or not.

Here’s a run down of his recent work, starting with the above ‘Ikea Punk’ photo taken in Croydon by Romanywg.

Banksy no ball games graffiti
‘No Ball Games’ Banksy stencil from Tottenham – Photo by Romanywg

Banksy traffic warden steam roller
‘Traffic Warden’ Banksy stencil from Lewisham in London

Banksy horse rider graffiti

Banksy live fast drive slow
‘Highwayman’ Banksy graffiti from London Westway – Photos by Romanywg

Banksy hunting graffiti
‘African Hunters’ Banksy stencil from Mali – Photo by Selfservice

Banksy zebra strips graffiti
‘Zebra Strips’ Banksy stencil from Mali – Photo by Selfservice

Banksy baby bath graffiti
‘Bath tub’ Banksy stencil from Mali – Photo by Selfservice

Banksy peaches geldof
‘Peaches Geldof’ Banksy stencil from Mali – Photo from

Kentucky fox
‘Kentucky Fox’ Banksy stencil from London – Photo from

Banksy nyc phone boxes
NYC phone boxes’ Banksy stencil from New York – Photo from

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