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Bristol Street Art blog | Photos from Glos-tonbury Street Festival 2009


Photos from Glos-tonbury Street Festival 2009

Glostonbury main view

The sun was out in full force for this 2nd edition of Glos-tonbury Street Festival, which like last year was held on the street running along side the Golden Lion pub. It was specially closed off for the occasion.

Here are some of my photos which mainly focus on the live graffiti, but there were plenty of other things going on, for example skate boarding, breakdancing and live DJ’s.

Glostonbury blocked road
View from the other end of the street

DJ playing on roof
DJs set-up on the pub roof

Graffiti painting Glostonbury

Painting close-up g

Spray painting close-up

Serp painting at Glostonbury
Serp painting

Serp's graff almost finished
Serp’s piece in progress

Awkward and mr jago pieces
Awkward’s piece on the left and Mr Jago’s on the right

awkward painting at glostonbury
Awkward painting

awkward and mr jago at glostonbury
Awkward and Mr Jago in conversation

Dicey painting a car at Glostonbury
Dicey painting a car

Dicey painting a car at Glos-tonbury
Dicey spraying a car

China Mike painting at Glostonbury
China Mike painting

Young skaters at Glostonbury

These painted records were displayed on the wall inside the Golden Lion pub and were to be auctioned off the following day for charity.

painted vinyls at Glostonbury

Painted vinyls on wall

Painted record at Glostonbury

Vinyl painted by Adam McLevey

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