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Bristol Street Art blog | Photographer Nick Stern recreates Banksy images


Photographer Nick Stern recreates Banksy images

British-born photographer Nick Stern, now based in Los Angeles, has painstakingly recreated real versions of 8 of Banksy’s iconic pieces in a series of photographs. They include the gay kissing cops, Jesus with shopping bags and the Mona Lisa with an RPG.

“I have always been intrigued by Banksy’s work and thought it would be fascinating to try and recreate some of his most famous images on camera, “ told Stern.

“It was a lot of work as I wanted to make sure every photo was an accurate representation, but the final results were worth it.”

“For weeks leading up to each of the shoots I scoured Ebay to find props such as Jesus’s ring of thorns and the police helmets and even made some of them, like the RPG, myself.”

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