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Oxfam selling Banksy Merchandise

Oxfam Banksy merchandise

Many visitors of the ‘Banksy versus Bristol Museum’ exhibition, currently being held in Bristol, have expected to find some Banksy merchandise for sale in the museum’s gift shop. But in fact the only things being sold there are his book ‘Wall and Piece’, which is a few years old now and the Bristol graffiti book ‘Children of the Can’. So it would seem that Banksy made a decision to not sell any merchandise at all, well not quite, because while nothing is being sold in the museum, someone has anonymously donated some to an Oxfam shop across the street.

Banksy crude oil postcards

I went into this Oxfam shop the other day to see exactly what was for sale and ended up buying the above postcards from the Banksy ‘Crude oils’ exhibition in London a few years back. Other items being sold included a range of Banksy stickers, but some items had already sold out. Wanting to get a few more details about the donation I quized the shop assistant, who could only responded that the anonymous person could be Banksy himself for all she knows and to be fair it’s true that this type of action would be characteristic of Banksy.

Thank you to ‘Dogtired’ for the heads-up on this story.

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