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Live painting at Lakota club

Live graffiti at Lakota club

Bristol’s graffiti artists, including Cheo, Jody and Sepr, have been busy today painting the outside of the Lakota Club near Stokes Croft. The plan is to paint both walls with a desert background, with various graffs over the top. Work will continue today and tomorrow, and should be finished off early next week.

I’ll check back in few days to get photographs of the finished pieces.


Cheo Solo Show at Friends & Co Opens 30 July

Cheo show at Friends & Co gallery

Cheo opens a solo show at the Friends & Co gallery on the 30 July at 7:30pm. The show runs until the 15 August and will feature original pieces and prints.

More info on the Friends & Co website

Some examples of Cheo’s work around Bristol:

Piece next to The Apple pub
Piece from Bedminster
Piece on Overton Road


Real Travel Magazine Street Art feature

Real Travel Magazine article

This months (August) Real Travel magazine features an interesting article by Sarah Bostock that spotlights some of the great art locations in Britain, and includes a section about Bristol’s street art.
I’m happy to say that my website is mentioned in the article, which also uses a photograph I took of Banksy’s sniper piece.


Street Art Dealer Launch Night

Street Art dealer beam project

C6 and Steal From Work have recently announced an interesting project which uses a technology called QR (Quick Response) to allow people to interact directly with art in the streets. The idea is to cut out the art market middleman by bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets. The QR code, which you scan using a mobile phone, can contain information about an artist, links to their work and also let you purchase their artwork.