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Photos of Friend & Co Art Show at Spotted Cow

Spotted cow art show

This is the second Art Show that Friend & Co have held at the Spotted Cow pub in Southville, and while I couldn’t make it to the first one, I made sure I popped by this time to see the set up. The event is organised by Tom Friend, founder of Friend & Co, and takes place in the garden area of the Spotted Cow inside a marquee.

The pictures that follow show works by Sainty, Andy Council, 45RPM, Inkie and Acerone, which were just some of the artists on display.


2nd Art Show at Spotted Cow by Friend & Co

Spotted cow show 2

Following the success of the previous show held at the Spotted Cow back in June, Friend & Co are organising a follow up on the 27 August. The whole thing kicks off a 3pm and runs until late. Expect work from Acerone, Andy Council, Cheo, China Mike, Egs, Eko, Faris Badwan, French, Inkie, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Paris, Pinky, Phil Ashcroft, Richt, Russell Maurice, Sainty, 45 RPM & more.

More info on Friend & Co blog
Directions to the Spotted Cow pub


Street Art Dealer Launch Night

Street Art dealer beam project

C6 and Steal From Work have recently announced an interesting project which uses a technology called QR (Quick Response) to allow people to interact directly with art in the streets. The idea is to cut out the art market middleman by bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets. The QR code, which you scan using a mobile phone, can contain information about an artist, links to their work and also let you purchase their artwork.


Property of Bristol graffiti pieces - 3 July 09

Property of Bristol graffiti event

As part of the ‘Property of Bristol’ organised evening at Basement 45, there was some live graffiti happening during the day by Haka, Epok & Jon5. I arrived as the finished pieces were being installed outside the Basement 45 building. I can’t work out which piece is by which artist, if you know please comment below.


Photos from Glos-tonbury Street Festival 2009

Glostonbury main view

The sun was out in full force for this 2nd edition of Glos-tonbury Street Festival, which like last year was held on the street running along side the Golden Lion pub. It was specially closed off for the occasion.

Here are some of my photos which mainly focus on the live graffiti, but there were plenty of other things going on, for example skate boarding, breakdancing and live DJ’s.


Glostonbury Street Festival 26 - 28 June

Glostonbury Golden Lion live graffiti

This year’s Glos-tonbury Festival, not to be confused with Glastonbury, will be held on the street (closed-off for the occasion) that runs alongside the Golden Lion pub. It will feature breakdancing, skateboarding, clothing stalls, BBQ, DJs and, of particular interest to this blog, live graffiti from Lokey, Mr Jago, China Mike, RichT, Ghostboy, Dicey (painting a van), 2Keen, 3rd Eye, Mr Riks, Mad Mao, Awkward, and many more.


Upfest 2009 Festival in Bristol 6th June

Upfest 2009 flyer

Following the success of Upfest 08, this years Festival is all set up to be a cracking one. There are 140 local, national and international artists (complete list here) lined-up. Activities include, 12 hours of live painting, live music, DJ’s, kids area and much more. The event starts at 11am on Saturday 6th June and is spread over 7 different venues. The Tobacco Factory, North Street Garage, Try Again Pub, Vauxhall Bridge, View Art Gallery and The Grain Barge.

Visit the Upfest website for more up-to-date information

Photos from Upfest ’09 now available


Friend & Co organising Art Show at Spotted Cow

Spotted Cow exhibition in southville

Friend & Co are organising a small exhibition at the SPOTTED COW on North Street in Southville on the 11th June. Works will be exhibited in the garden area of the pub (so the weather will be an important factor) and will feature the following artists: Cerone, Andy Council, China Mike, Eko, Faris Badwan, French, Inkie, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Paris, Pinky, Richt, Sainty, Sickboy, 45rpm… and more!

More info on the Friend & Co blog

Directions on the Spotted Cow website