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Sneak peek at Banksy's Summer Show in Bristol

spy shot of banksy summer show in bristol

Thanks to twitter users, the location of Banksy’s Summer Show in Bristol 2009 has been discovered. It will be taking place at Bristol’s City Museum on Queen’s Road, with a private viewing on 12th June and public viewing from 13th June 10am (usual museum opening hours 10am – 5pm).
There has been no official press confirmation of this information yet, but I went to the museum this afternoon and managed to take the above photo through a small gap in the front doors. Clearly something street art related is being prepare in there.


Lastest Banksy show finally given date - 13th June

Banksy summer show Bristol

If you visit Banksy’s website (as of 10/06/09) this is the visual that greets you. It pretty much confirms the previously rumoured Banksy show, which is suppose to take place in Bristol. Although the venue isn’t mentioned anywhere, only the opening date, I would be very surprised if it wasn’t in Bristol. More details are promised and with it been only 3 days away they should be available very soon.
Banksynews on twitter have hinted that The Times may be running a story tomorrow (10th June) about Banksy’s forthcoming show. I might get up early and buy a copy.

Thanks to @banksynews on Twitter for the heads up on this update.

It would appear that the Banksy show will take place at Bristol’s City Museum on Queen’s Road, with private viewing on 12th June and public viewing on 13th June from 10am. Although there is no official mention on their website, it is stated that the museum is closed on the 11th and 12th June, which is usual and probably means they are setting up.


Banksy planning a show in Bristol this June?

Timeline of Banksy rumours:

19th May – Rumour appears on @Banksynews twitter feed.

22nd May – The respected Bristol Graffiti Blog said that it had had confirmation from a cast iron source that the show will take place.

22nd MayBBC Bristol picks up on the story and publishes this article Is Banksy planning a homecoming?


Banksy's 'The Mild Mild West' vandalised

Banksy's the mild mild west covered in paint

I’ve just seen this story on the BBC website about Banksy’s The Mild Mild West piece on Stokes Croft being vandalised with red paint. I really don’t understand the point in this type of attack apart from maybe gaining media attention. The group in question, who I won’t mention here because they don’t deserve the publicity, said they painted on the Banksy piece as a sign of protest over the Stokes Croft area being gentrified.