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Bristol Street Art blog | Best Kept Secret, another Bristol event!


Best Kept Secret, another Bristol event!

Best Kept Secret

You could be forgiven for thinking that Bristol had reached its yearly quota of graffiti/street art events with Upfest in June and See No Evil in August, but apparently not. It seems that Bristol is big enough for yet another event and I guess this is a good thing, it might even give some credence to the “Bristol is the capital of street art” label that’s been knocking around (mostly in the media I must say).

The event, aptly entitled “Best Kept Secret” (because I only found out about it very recently), is positioned as a more underground affair and is perhaps more in keeping with graffiti’s core values. It certainly isn’t the hyped-up See No Evil. I supposed you could say that it’s the natural response for something more down-to-earth, authentic and Bristolian too.

Refer to the flyer below for details.

Best kept secret flyer

Best Kept secret flyer

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