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Bristol snow graffiti

Bristol snow graffiti by Haka

Artwork is by Haka

This time of year usually means a low profile on the street art front, but a trio of Bristol artists have found an innovative way of making the most of the wintery conditions. By compacting snow, similar to how you would build a snowman, they have sculpted their own personal shapes, and onto which they have spray painted their designs.

The pieces can be found in Totterdown, but they won’t be around for long, as you can imagine.


Best Kept Secret, another Bristol event!

Best Kept Secret

You could be forgiven for thinking that Bristol had reached its yearly quota of graffiti/street art events with Upfest in June and See No Evil in August, but apparently not. It seems that Bristol is big enough for yet another event and I guess this is a good thing, it might even give some credence to the “Bristol is the capital of street art” label that’s been knocking around (mostly in the media I must say).


Sokem One vs Bastard Sunz

Nice little time-lapse video by Jon Davey with artwork by Sokem One and music by The Bastard Sunz. Keep your eyes open for a few little tricks.


Who's Lenny? 'See No Evil' documentary

Hurricane Media have put together a very-well-made short documentary about the See No Evil event that took place in Bristol last August.


Photos of Petro show opening night at Friend&co

Petro show through window

We are a lucky bunch in Bristol, I mean at least for those interested in street/urban/graffiti art, because not only do we have an abundance of top notch art in our streets, but we also have some great shows. The latest one of these opened the other week (20th Nov) at the Friends & Co gallery on Park Row and featured the work of London-old-school-writer Petro.


Photos from Nikill's solo show at the WoC gallery

Crowd at Nikill solo show

A few photos from the opening night of Nikill’s solo show at the Weapon of Choice gallery, which runs until Sunday 6 December.


Burning Candy opening night at the Emporium

Rowdy's inflatable croc

Last night (not coincidentally Guy Fawkes night) saw the opening of Burning Candy’s show at apparently their favourite gallery in Bristol, the Emporium. This is no doubt because they have free rein over the whole building, including the roof, which is the perfect place to set off fireworks, hang an inflatable crocodile and drink a few Red Stripe.


Crazy Fools show at the Library Bar in Islington

Filthy Luker's green tenticles

Crazy Fools is a new online urban art gallery that deals almost exclusively in work by street artists from Bristol. This London show was an opportunity to present originals and prints by the likes of Banksy, Nick Walker, 3Dom, Levi C, Inkie and Ghostboy that form part of their collection.


Weapon of Choice magazine launch party

Weapon of Choice magazine issue 1

On the 23 October the Weapon of Choice magazine was officially launched with a small party at their gallery space on St Michael’s Hill. To mark the occasion 3 artists, who’s work was featured in the first issue, Andy Council, Lorenzo and Dylan Shiley, came along to do some live painting.


Live Painting at Paintworks for Get Dring Mobile

Milk painting at Paintworks

On the 15 October, as part of the GetDringMobile charity event, various artists took part in some live painting in the courtyard of the Paintwork Events Space. The artists involved were Xenz, Inkie, Mr Jago, Paris, Boswell, Vermin, Lokey, Dora, Milk, Felix and Eelus.