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Solo show by Eko at Co-LAB Friday 17th May

Eko exhibition flyer

Bristol snow graffiti

Bristol snow graffiti by Haka

Artwork is by Haka

This time of year usually means a low profile on the street art front, but a trio of Bristol artists have found an innovative way of making the most of the wintery conditions. By compacting snow, similar to how you would build a snowman, they have sculpted their own personal shapes, and onto which they have spray painted their designs.

The pieces can be found in Totterdown, but they won’t be around for long, as you can imagine.


Stuff in October

Looks like it’s going to be a busy month for art shows. I guess as autumn sets in people naturally focus more on indoor activities. So here’s what there is to look forward to. No doubt something will tickle your fancy.

6th October – “Unwellcome Relatives” Group Therapy Show at The Farmmore info

Group Therapy


Best Kept Secret, another Bristol event!

Best Kept Secret

You could be forgiven for thinking that Bristol had reached its yearly quota of graffiti/street art events with Upfest in June and See No Evil in August, but apparently not. It seems that Bristol is big enough for yet another event and I guess this is a good thing, it might even give some credence to the “Bristol is the capital of street art” label that’s been knocking around (mostly in the media I must say).


See No Evil 2012, so far…

Nelson Street sign

Prior to the official unveiling of the See No Evil 2012 murals on Saturday, here’s a glimpse of some of the pieces already completed (or at least nearly).

Seize See No Evil

Seize – See No Evil, Bristol


Brandalism takes over Bristol's billboards, but not a first

consume this

In early July the project Brandalism, a UK-wide subvertising campaign involving 25 artists from 8 countries, made a stop off in Bristol for a spot of billboard reassignment. The artists involved in the Bristol leg were Ron English (US), Eyesaw (UK), Shift Delete (UK), Hannah Adamaszek (UK) and Robert Montgomery (UK).

The campaign, which seeks to confront the ad industry and take back our visual landscapes, visited 5 cities over 5 days and reclaimed 37 billboards. You can see all the artwork produced here:

Hannah Adamaszek billboard bristol

© – by Hannah Adamaszek in Bristol


Practical Photography Magazine on location in Bristol

Practical Photography Magazine’s technique writer Ed Godden heads to Bristol this month where he, not surprisingly, ends up photographing its prevalent street art. This little video actually contains some pretty handy tips.

Nick Stern at it again

Banksy prisoner

Photographer Nick Stern has produced another series (see previous ones) of real life recreations of some of Banksy’s most famous street art works. Included this time are pieces such as the recent “Union Jack maker”, the “Pulp Fiction parody” and the “Keith Haring dog”. Again, attention to detail is impressive, and I’m even tempted to say that some of them are more esthetically pleasing than the originals.


"See No Evil", again

See No Evil logo

Not so long ago it seemed unsure whether there would be another edition of See No Evil. Many, including myself, thought it was perhaps a one off event. To be enjoyed that one time, but never to be repeated. So the announcement of the 2012 edition was met with general enthusiasm, even despite an initial lack of details. Would it be held on Nelson Street again or another part of Bristol? Which artists would be invited?

Details are now known, so no need to speculate, at least for the most part. The whole event will run from Monday 13th August until Sunday 19th August and will be held on Nelson Street, like last year. Artist-wise some names have been announced, namely Remi Rough, Lyken, Nick Walker, Eine and M-City (Poland), but the full list isn’t yet known, however we are promised 30 of the world’s most prolific street artists. So there’s plenty to be excited about.


Photographer Nick Stern recreates Banksy images

British-born photographer Nick Stern, now based in Los Angeles, has painstakingly recreated real versions of 8 of Banksy’s iconic pieces in a series of photographs. They include the gay kissing cops, Jesus with shopping bags and the Mona Lisa with an RPG.