It's in Bristol that Banksy made his first steps as a graffiti artist and you can still find classic pieces like 'Mild Mild West' and 'Hanging Man' around the city today. The book 'Banksy's Bristol - Home Sweet Home' chronicles much of his early work in Bristol. In 2009 he returned to Bristol with his biggest exhibition to date, entitled 'Banksy versus Bristol Museum', with over a 100 pieces on display.

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  • Banksy's famous sniper graffiti
  • Banksy Ronald McDonald mannequin
  • Banksy's street art in park street
  • Stencil of rose placed on mousetrap
  • Banksy mobile lovers
  • Banksy's mild mild west piece
  • Banksy piece on the side of the Thekla boat
  • Banksy gorilla wearing mask
  • Old Banksy collaboration with Inky and Mobz
  • Banksy leopard breaking out of barcode cage
  • Dog spraying with can
  • Banksy piece near M32 motorway
  • Playing it safe can cause a lot of damage in the l
  • Elephant with missile strapped to back banksy
  • Blowpop Records design by Banksy
  • Designated Picnic Area
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