There are plenty of great books about all aspects of street art out there. Here you will find a small selection of books, some specifically about Bristol street art / graffiti and Bristol's most famous street artist, Banksy and others that are more general.
Anyhow If you are interested in street art then I'm sure you can find something to adorn your coffee table.

Banky's Bristol : Home Sweet Home book

“Banksy's Bristol”
— by Steve Wright
This book features many of Banksy's early work in Bristol, much of which is lost today.

chrildren of the can book cover

“Children of the can”
— by Felix Braun
Research into the origins of the Bristol grafitti movement includes many interviews.

Wall and Piece by Banksy book cover

“Wall and Piece”
— by Banksy
I thought I'd seen most of Banksy's work already, but this book holds a few surprises.

Sreet sketchbook cover

“Street Sketchbook”
— by Jack Block
This book focuses more on the artist sketchbook, but does relate to street art.

untitled - street art in the counter culture book cover

— by Gary Shove
Full of great photos and some thought provoking texts too. A must have!

stencil nation book cover

“Stencil Nation”
— by Russell Howze
Extensive documentation of the stencil art form includes some how-to tips from the author.

Blek le Rat street graphics book cover

“Blek le Rat”
— by Sybille Prou
Insightful look into the life of Parisian street artist/stencil king Blek le Rat.

street logos book cover

“Street Logos”
— by Tristan Manco
The quality of the photos is execellent, with almost 500 images that are all really crisp and clear.