If you want to see the main concentration of street art in St Werburghs then simply walk down Mina Road towards the city farm, and as you pass through the railway tunnel you can admire the many murals painted on its curved walls.
There are plenty of other street art pieces, but they are more scattered.

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  • QR code paste-up on billboard
  • No way piece in Mina Road tunnel
  • Fary characters in Mina Road tunnel
  • Filthy Luker eyes in a tree near M32
  • Rowdy painted rock in St Werburghs
  • Fary graffiti piece on Mina Road
  • 3dom piece on Mina Road
  • Raw piece on Mina Road
  • Lokey graffiti piece in Mina Road tunnel
  • FLXone piece in St Werburghs tunnel