The one place you can't overlook in Bedminster, of course for those interested in graffiti and street art, is the Dean Lane Skate Park also known as the Dame Emily Park. It's probably one of the most densely graffitied areas of Bristol, literally every available surface is covered in artwork.

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  • Levi C son of man stencil
  • Grafter painting for Upfest '09
  • T3 stencil piece for Upfest
  • Snub 23 & Mishfit piece for Upfest
  • Modified dog waste sticker
  • Fark Fk stencil for Upfest '09
  • Snub 23 stencil for Upfest 09
  • Andy Council's painting for Upfest
  • Phil Blake's painting for Upfest 09
  • Hush piece for Upfest 09